Angels of the Earth Interfaith Community

Planning a destination wedding

Your dream wedding can turn into a nightmare,  unless you research and prepare.


Did you know that some countries have a "residency requirement?

That  means that you must reside in the country for a certain length of time before your ceremony.

Blood test

Did you know that some countries require a blood test?

Some countries, Mexico is an example, require blood tests prior to issuing marriage documents


Did you know that some countries the legal Officiant may not speak English?

In  contries  where the Officiant is a government Official,  who may not speak Engllish, a translator is required.


Did you know that some countries the Officiant may not have legal credentials?

In such cases your marriage would not be recogniized accoring to Canadian law.

     Avoiding Problems

Obtain a marriage licence in Ontario and sign in front of an Accredited Official, either before leaving or after returning

AEIC has Accredited Officials ready to meet you at the airport for the signing